The IUIH Programme and IUC Programme have outsourced the Information Technology to the Indo UK Healthcare Innovations (IUHI) Programme to adopt a strong information technology framework that delivers a fully digitized healthcare.

As IUIH becomes an analytics-driven healthcare enterprise, IUHI will have the opportunity to move from basic reporting to one that focuses on predictive analytics and then ultimately to an organisation that moves to a prescriptive analytics environment.

In the future, real time analytics will allow IUIH and IUC healthcare providers to capture and analyse data - all the time, just in time. The end goal is to save lives, shorten hospital stays and build healthier communities revolving around preventative care.

Further details regarding the Healthcare Innovation Programme will follow through the course of the year 2021-2022.

The INDO UK HEALTH INNOVATION (IUHI) Programme will provide information technology to the IUIH and IUC Programme to deliver a safe, efficient and cost-effective healthcare system and a framework to ensure comprehensive chain of digital IUIH hospitals and IUC clinics.