Indo UK Health Research (IUHR) is developing an Indo UK collaborative health research strategy. It is determined to make India the best place in the world for health research, development and innovation and for India to work with the best of UK research centres.

IUHR will publish its strategy later this year but is primarily focussed on-

   a) Driving the direction of research

   b) Contributing to creating an IUIH environment that fosters research and innovation

   c) Supporting use of evidence in decision making & translating research into practice

The priorities, aims and objectives in the strategy set out an ambitious agenda for research over the next five years. The focus for the first year will be to:

   - Broaden the research portfolio to offer more of our patients the opportunity to participate in research

   - Develop a five year detailed research implementation plan

   - Invest in our workforce and facilities to increase our ability to deliver the research of the future

   -Increase patient satisfaction with IUHR research portfolio and activities

   - Make research more visible and accessible to patients and visitors